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"Twin-seat single engine supersonic trainer jet. Capable of equipping all common weapon types for training and combat purposes"
― Aircraft Description

The T-55 "Tyro" is a two-seater, single engine DLC trainer jet designed for multiplayer flight instruction. It was released on the 24th of March 2023, as VTOL VR's second DLC.


The T-55 Tyro can be used as a trainer plane, with a student pilot taking the forward seat and an instructor in the aft seat.

In a combat role, the T-55 is extremely useful as a strike aircraft. A pilot can fly while their WSO focuses targets on the ground or in the air. But don't underestimate its air-to-air capability.

Due to its few hardpoints, limited missile capacity, and low TWR, the T-55 is not well suited to dogfighting or prolonged air-to-air combat.


Main article: T-55 Hardpoints


Forward Pilot's Seat

The forward pilot's seat is similar in layout to the F/A-26B, with some instruments rearranged and some controls being slightly smaller.

Two new indicators are present in the cockpit: a Flight Control indicator and a two-button Master Arm switch.

  • The Flight Control indicator (located right of the RWR) changes color depending on which pilot is controlling the aircraft. The top and bottom light (forward and aft pilot respectively) can show either green, orange, or neither.
    • Green: Pilot is inputting on the stick and in control over the aircraft.
    • Orange: Pilot is inputting on the stick, but has their control overridden by the other pilot.
  • The Master Arm panel has two buttons: SAFE and ARM. (This is the same as the AH-94.)
    • The green light shows when on SAFE.
    • Red means weapons are armed and you currently have fire authority.
    • Yellow means weapons are armed, and your co-pilot has fire authority.
    • Note that only one pilot is allowed fire authority at a time; you must press the ARM button to regain control over weapons.

Rear Pilot's Seat

This seat appears as "Instructor" in the multiplayer briefing room and has all the same functionality as the forward pilot, with two additions.

  • The Control knob (located above the landing gear) dictates how the pilots can control the aircraft.
    • LOCK: Rear pilot has no flight controls; Grabbing the stick only grants control over their SOI. This is the default option when spawning in. This is for making the aft seat be able to do WSO.
    • NORM: The first pilot to grab the stick is given flight controls, similar to the AH-94.
    • OVRD: Both pilots are allowed flight controls, but the rear pilot has Authority, meaning that he can always take control.
  • The MFD Mirror switch (located to the left of the RWR) allows the aft pilot to view the MFDs of the forward pilot. Once the mirror switch is turned off, the aft MFDs will remain on the same page.

Singleplayer vs. Multiplayer

The Control Knob and MFD Mirror switch are absent in Singleplayer. Instead, there is a "Switch Seat" button on the right panel near the brake lock. Pressing this button allows the player to change seats in flight.



  • The T-55 Tyro was announced on March 14th, 2023 and was released 10 days later on March 24th, alongside the 1.6.0 Update.
  • "Tyro" comes from the Latin "tiro", meaning a young soldier or a novice.
  • It is the second aircraft in VTOL VR to feature Multi-Crew.

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