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Welcome to the VTOL VR Wiki! This page is dedicated to providing the information needed for would-be contributors to get started with contributing to the wiki.

New To Wikis?

If you are new to wikis as a whole, you can start by reading MediaWiki's editing help page. A list of more help pages can be found at MediaWiki's help section.

How To Help Out

To edit articles on the VTOL VR Wiki, first create an account to use. If you've already created one on F*ndom, that one can be imported into wiki.gg for use here.

The wiki will almost always be in need of extra improvements as updates to VTOL VR come along along or better ways to present information are discovered. Before you begin editing, make sure you have familiarized yourself with the wiki's editing and content policies beforehand, as well as the Editor Ethics and Other Policies. Here are some good starting points for general assistance:

  • Check the subcategories within the wiki's maintenance category to find out which articles need work done on them.
  • Be sure to check out any pages labelled with notices, as these articles will be in greater need of attention than others depending on the type of notice. Here are some types of notices:
    • Edit Request: Minor - Pages labeled with this notice will require some general cleaning up for organization or other purposes.
    • Edit Request: Major - This notice signifies pages that require up to total redos, and is commonly found on pages that are old or have received few revisions.
    • Stub - This notice refers to very short pages that could benefit from the addition of further relevant info.

If there's something missing from an article, go ahead and add it in! The VTOL VR Wiki is an open resource that anyone can edit. Even if the information is poorly-written or just out-of-place, you can leave the rest of the heavy lifting (style, organization, et cetera) to the more experienced wiki users here. Unless you're actively looking to cause trouble here, feel free to go wild!

Want To Start A Discussion?

If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the article's talk page. For more general discussions regarding VTOL VR or the wiki, you can use our Discord server.

Other Things To Do