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So you want to get started with contributing to our ever-growing repository of VTOL VR knowledge? That's great! Before you commence your grand editing spree, though, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Wiki's editing policies beforehand. All of the VTOL VR Wiki's policies can be found below.

Preamble: VTOL VR Wiki Purpose And Philosophy

The VTOL VR Wiki is primarily intended to serve as a reference resource for the game VTOL VR. The VTOL VR Wiki is a semi-exhaustive resource for research into every facet of VTOL VR's gameplay, from basic unit behaviors to simulated aerodynamics. The information provided on this Wiki should be true, impartial, and uninfluenced by personal bias or other extraneous factors. Though the VTOL VR Wiki is a community-run resource, our subsequent prerogative is to respect the boundaries of VTOL VR's creator, BahamutoD (a.k.a. Paolo Encarnación, Boundless Dynamics), by avoiding violations of VTOL VR's End User License Agreement and obliging his orders if he is to demand the alteration or removal of information from the Wiki.

The paragraph above is intended to serve as the baseline manifesto for the Wiki, and should be referred to in cases of extreme administrative conflict.

Wiki Policies

1. Abide by wiki.gg's Terms of Service at all times.

This one is simple enough to understand. Ideally, you would at least skim through this annoyingly ubiquitous, yet all-too-necessary legal document to better understand wiki.gg's legal regulations and avoid getting in bad trouble or, worse yet, getting someone else in bad trouble. As long as you aren't using this website for blatantly illegal activities (in accordance with US and EU laws), then you should be fine. Any rules set forth by wiki.gg's Terms of Service take full precedence over the local rules set forth in the VTOL VR Wiki.

2: Do not upload unnecessary images or other media to the Wiki.

This tends to clog up the Wiki and make it harder for editors to get the media they need to support their writing or demonstrate the topic at hand. This also means that users are forbidden from directly uploading images to the Wiki to decorate their profiles with.

3. Be respectful to your fellow users!

Adhere to common internet etiquette at all times when interacting with your fellow Wiki contributors. Any given user's work around the Wiki should be approached from a good-faith perspective unless they are blatantly vandalizing or spamming. Avoid name-calling and coarse language/tone when correcting another user. Most of all, be patient with people! Not everyone will understand how things work around here on their first go, and that's okay.

4. Do not spam or otherwise make malicious edits around the Wiki.

In general, do not spam gibberish or unhelpful statements in the article, and do not post malicious links.

5. Do not make your account name, profile picture, or bio anything excessively derogatory or otherwise controversial.

This includes (but is not necessarily limited to) gore, pornography, and/or abrasive political themes.

6: Avoid excessive humor in your writing.

Your writing should come off as clean and professional to be featured on the Wiki. Making a clever joke or anecdote every other sentence distracts from the information being given and sticks out in the article like a tumor. A touch of light humor every once in a while can occasionally brighten up your writing but it easily becomes distracting when used in excess.

Any questions regarding the policies on the VTOL VR Wiki may be asked within this article's Talk page or in the VTOL VR Wiki's own Discord server.