Targeting Pod (TGP)

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The TGP page as viewed from the F/A-26B.

The targeting pod is a controllable camera available for all playable aircraft. It is a crucial part in target acquisition and fire control for air-to-ground weapons, such as the GBU-12 or the AGM-65.

  • AV-42C: Built-in targeting pod.
  • F/A-26B: Optional AN/AAQ-28 targeting pod available.
  • F-45A: Built-in targeting pod. Known as the Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS).
  • AH-94: Built-in targeting pod. Known as the Targeting Acquisition and Designation Sight (TADS).
  • T-55: Optional AN/AAQ-28 targeting pod available.
  • EF-24G: Optional AN/AAQ-34 targeting pod available.

TGP MFD Functions

  • WPT: Slews the TGP to the current waypoint.
  • SOI : Sets the TGP as the sensor of interest for control with the flight stick's thumb controls.
  • MARK: Toggles an IR laser that can only be seen through NVG's at night. It can be a helpful tool for target identification in Multiplayer.
  • Zoom (+/-): Increases or decreases the zoom.
  • GPS-S: Uses the location of the ground or target at the cross-hair to create a GPS point on the GPS page.
  • GPS-A: Slews the TGP to the currently-highlighted GPS point.
  • PWR: Toggles TGP power on/off.
  • HMD: Toggles the projected image of the HEAD mode on/off.
  • HEAD: Allows the TGP to be controlled through your fighter's Head-Mounted Cueing System (HMCS) functionality. The image is projected onto the visor when it is down. There are additional control mappings available in this mode:
    • Zoom is mapped to the controller's directional up and down controls.
    • Center press saves the center location or target to tracking, and exits HEAD mode.
  • FWD: Centers the TGP forward parallel to the aircraft's nose as indicated on the "W" in the HUD.
  • LIM: Toggles the camera movement limit and position marking. Camera movement limit is represented by a white outline, and the camera position relative to the aircraft is represented as a white dot.
  • SENS: Cycles the sensor mode.
    • DAY: Low temperature white-hot thermal sensor.
    • NIGHT: White hot sensor with high gain for low light conditions.
    • COLOR: Visible light spectrum sensor.
  • MODE: Cycles between PIP and TGT modes. Only Indicates FWD and HEAD modes.
    • FWD: Indicates the TGP is locked in the Forward position. This is the TGP's default mode, and it will switch to TGT as soon as the TGP is moved.
    • TGT: Indicates the TGP is locked onto a target or stabilized onto a point on the ground.
    • PIP: Indicates the TGP's crosshairs are centered on the current weapon's predicted impact point.
    • HEAD: Indicates the TGP is set to the HEAD track mode.
  • Laser Code: Displays the currently set laser code for the targeting pod. Can be set by clicking on it and inputting a number between 0001 and 9999 on the UFC.

The aircraft roll orientation is indicated in the bottom left corner of the TGP/EOTS screen.