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"The EF-24G "Mischief" is a two seat, twin-engine, swing-wing fighter aircraft modified with specialized equipment and sensors to fill the electronic warfare role."
― Aircraft Description

The EF-24G "Mischief" is a two-seat, twin-engine, variable-sweep fighter aircraft with a focus on electronic warfare. It is a DLC aircraft that was released alongside the VTOL VR v1.8 update, on the 21st of December 2023.

Its major features include a new, advanced electronic warfare suite to aid it as well as its allies with electronic warfare. Capable of utilizing up to four AN/ALQ-245 Jamming Pods at one time, an EF-24G is able to perform both offensive and defensive jamming against a wide assortment of radar targets. The EF-24G also has exclusive access to the ADM-160J MALD, which is a decoy missile, able to follow GPS paths and act as a distraction to enemy forces by modifying its radar-cross-section to appear as another aircraft or even jam specific targets.


The EF-24G is intended to be used primarily as an Electronic Warfare fighter-attack aircraft, supporting other units with jamming. However, it is completely capable of destroying entire networks of troops and enemy units on its own using many missiles, bombs, and other items available to the jet. With its high speed capabilities—it's able to keep over 700 knots in a 9G turn—and quick swing-wing capabilities, the Mischief can be used for fast attack runs, popping up and dropping a GPS guided bomb or missile and then turning to outrun any missiles sent its way. For aerial targets, the AIM-54 is a great choice, outranging most other missiles by tens of miles, though with the trade-off of having less maneuverability.

For multi-aircraft operations, the EF-24G can be used as an Electronic Warfare support aircraft. Any target that attempts to lock up a friendly aircraft can be stopped with just a few button presses. The EF-24G, with its multicrew capability, can also function as part of the group while maintaining its EW support role; the pilot can focus on destroying targets, while the EWO can focus on jamming attacking aircraft or SAM sites. And if jamming isn't required, the EWO can also function as a RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) or WSO (Weapons Systems Officer) by locking targets using the Mischief's RADAR and TSD or AN/AAQ-34 SNIPER targeting pod.


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  • The EF-24G's release day coincides with the first flight of its real-life counterpart, the F-14A Tomcat.
  • The EF-24G is the third DLC aircraft to have been released for VTOL VR.
  • The EF-24G is the only variable-sweep wing aircraft in VTOL VR.

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