Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

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The RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) displays and identifies sources of radar emissions. Initialisms identify the radar platform, while symbols help the user prioritize and respond to threats. The display updates a source every time a radar ping hits the aircraft.

NOTE: No Allied radar sources are displayed on the RWR in singleplayer, except for that of the E-4 Overlord.

Example Scenario (Surface to Air Threat)

This is a brief example of what the RWR panel of a defending aircraft shows when a hostile SAM S/A Radar (DS) is detected, locks on and fires/guides a semi-active BSM-66 to its target.


Symbol Definition
RWR Basic Primary.png
The threat that the RWR has identified as the primary threat. This is dependent on several factors and may not always be your actual top priority; generally, airborne and long-range radars that are close to you are considered more dangerous.
RWR Basic Newest.png
The marking for the most recently detected radar threat. This may also help with target prioritization.
RWR Basic Airborn.png
The radar threat is airborne. Airborne threats vary significantly from ground threats, due to their ability to quickly reposition and fire from all angles.
RWR Basic Locked.png
The radar threat is locked on and tracking you. Listen for a radar spike (lock-on) warning tone. A lock-on doesn't always mean a missile launch, but be prepared for a missile launch warning.
RWR Basic Guiding (Revised).png
This is a very urgent marking. The radar threat has launched a semi-active radar missile, and is guiding it towards you. Take evasive maneuvers, and attempt to break lock or line of sight from the radar site. Incidentally, this is also what an enemy would see while your aircraft is guiding the AIM-7 missile.
RWR Missile.png
This is the most urgent marking. This tells you a missile has locked you with its own internal homing radar and is close to hitting your aircraft. Consequently, this is what an enemy would see when an AIM-120C goes "pitbull", displaying an M on the HUD.


The RWR can also identify a radar source and display an abbreviation denoting the type of unit whose radar is detected. The known abbreviations are as follows:

Symbol Unit Type or Description Threat Level / Range Air / Ground / Naval
Missile NoCircle RWR.png
Any active radar-guided missile. (1) Very high, imminent threat Airborne
RWR MAD-4.png
The MAD-4 Radar. (1) Very high, long-range Ground
RWR NMSS LongRange Radar.png
The forward radar on the NMSS Cruiser, coordinating both its long-range forward missile launchers and vertical launch SAMs. (1) Very high, long-range Naval
RWR ASF 58.png
The ASF-58. (1) Very High, long-range Airborne
RWR ASF 30-33.png
The ASF-30 or ASF-33. (2) High, long-range Airborne
The SAM S/A Radar (Enemy). (2) High, long-range Ground
The Fire Control Radar. (2) High, long-range Ground
RWR Redfor SL-MRM.png
The SL-MRM Radar. (2) High, medium Ground
RWR NMSS Cruiser Second Radar.png
The NMSS Cruiser's top radar, coordinating its Vertical Launch System. (3) Medium, medium Naval
The SAAW. (3) Medium, 8km Ground
RWR DroneCarrier.png
The Drone Carrier or DMS Cruiser. (3) Medium (LVS), medium Naval
The Manta UCAV. (4) Low, short-range (gun) Airborne
RWR NFP Carrier.png
The NFP Carrier. (4) Low (CIWS turret), low Naval
Hostile short-range CIWS targeting radars, either those on ships or pertaining to the enemy's ground-based CIWS turret. (4) Low, 3.2km Ground
RWR Redfor MissileWarnRad.png
The Missile Warning Radar. A purely defensive emplacement that will target incoming missiles. n/a, Short - medium Ground
RWR Blufor AWACS.png
The BLUFOR E-4 Overlord AWACS. n/a, long-range Airborne
RWR Redfor AWACS.png
The REDFOR AEW-50 Bulwark AWACS. n/a, long-range Airborne
RWR Redfor Early-WarningRDR.png
The REDFOR Early Warning Radar. n/a, long-range Ground

The following RWR acronyms are only seen in Multiplayer:

Multiplayer RWR Symbols
BLUFOR (Team A) REDFOR (Team B) Radar Source
RWR Blufor FA26.png
RWR Redfor FA26.png
RWR Blufor F45.png
RWR Redfor F45.png
RWR Blufor AH94.png
RWR Redfor AH94.png
RWR Blufor T-55.png
RWR Redfor T-55.png
RWR Blufor EF-24G.png
RWR Redfor EF-24G.png
RWR Blufor AircraftCarrier.png
BLUFOR Aircraft Carrier
RWR Blufor Cruiser.png
BLUFOR Cruiser
RWR Blufor FCR.png
RWR Blufor SA Radar.png
RWR Redfor SL-MRM.png
Watchman Truck
RWR Blufor Backstop.png
Backstop Radar
RWR Blufor Early-WarningRDR.png
RWR Redfor Early-WarningRDR.png
Early Warning Radar
C-RAM Truck
CIWS Turret



Indicates a missile was launched nearby.

Indicates an incoming missile on intercept trajectory.


Indicates a new radar source appearing.

Indicates an incoming radar search ping. Plays at a faster rate when being tracked.

Indicates an incoming hard radar lock.

Indicates an incoming hard radar lock that is supporting a SARH missile.

Indicates an incoming radar lock from an ARH missile.