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An example Lobby configuration prior to launching a server

VTOL VR has an official multiplayer function. It features support for all playable aircraft, a dedicated voice chat feature, and Steam Workshop compatibility. Servers can be joined or created from the multiplayer menu.

Lobby Setup

When creating a server, the player creating it becomes the host, and the server is hosted through their computer.

The server host can configure the lobby name, mission, lobby privacy settings, briefing room mode, in-game time of day (if available), and the visibility of unit icons.

Official Missions/Campaigns

VTOL VR features an assortment of official missions and campaigns created by BahamutoD. There are 8 campaigns in total, featuring all six playable aircraft in some capacity. Each DLC Aircraft features its own set of two campaigns, varying in size, player counts and objectives.

All the available campaigns and missions are listed below.


  • Free Flight / Airshow ― 16 players
  • F-45A Cooperative Mission ― 6 players
  • F/A-26B Naval Strike Mission ― 6 players
  • Naval Strike - EW Edition ― 6 players

PVP Scenarios

  • F/A-26B Dogfight (Guns Only) ― 12 players
  • Dogfight Guns'n'Heaters ― 12 players
  • A2A BVR Combat ― 16 players
  • PVP Strike Mission ― 16 players
  • Capture the Flag ― 12 players
  • AV-42C Deathmatch ― 12 players
  • (LOW TECH) PVP Strike Mission ― 12 players
  • PVP Strike Mission (Budget) ― 15 players
  • Economy War ― 16 players

AH-94 Multicrew

  • Urban Liberation ― 8 players
  • Midnight Assassin ― 8 players

AH-94 Quick Flight

  • AH-94 Free Flight ― 16 players
  • Target Practice ― 2 players
  • Flight Practice ― 2 players
  • Small Arms ― 4 players
  • Surprise Attack ― 4 players
  • Arctic Assault ― 4 players
  • AH-94 Deathmatch 4v4 ― 16 players

T-55 Multiplayer

  • BFM Practice (PVP) ― 8 players
  • Attack Practice ― 16 players
  • Coastal Defense ― 8 players
  • Naval Patrol Training ― 8 players

Border War

  • Show of Force ― 2 players
  • Raiding the Nest ― 2 players
  • SEAD ― 2 players
  • Danger Close ― 2 players
  • Checkmate ― 2 players

EF-24G Multicrew

  • Valley of Death ― 6 players
  • Peacekeeper ― 12 players

One Minute to Midnight

  • DEAD Islands ― 2 players
  • Homesick ― 2 players
  • Blinding Darkness ― 2 players
  • House Cleaning ― 2 players
  • Bomber Intercept ― 2 players
  • Operation 2359 ― 2 players

Voice Chat

The multiplayer voice chat system is controlled using a panel usually located at the right-hand side of the cockpit. A knob on the panel controls the microphone, switching between three different transmission modes: HOT MIC, PTT, and OFF.

HOT MIC allows for constant voice transmission, while OFF prevents all possible voice transmission. PTT stands for Push-to-Talk, and only transmits the player's voice while the flight stick is gripped and a button on the controller is held. Alternatively, players can interact with a hidden control on their chest to transmit their voices while in PTT mode.

Additionally, another knob allows for using one of two channels for voice chat: TEAM and GLOBAL. When the knob is set to TEAM, the player's voice will only be transmitted to teammates. When set to GLOBAL, the player's voice will be transmitted to teammates and enemies alike.

Multiplayer Logistics

Player List

The player list can be accessed within the cockpit by going to the GAME page on an MFD and selecting PLAYERS. A list of the players currently in the server and on a team will be shown on the MFD page. The MANAGE button causes the player list to pop out from the MFD and render in front of the player's face in the cockpit. Here, players from the list can be selected, and can then be muted, kicked, or banned by vote.