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"Radar guided medium range air-to-air missile."
― Weapon Description

The AIM-120C AMRAAM is a medium range, radar-guided Air-to-Air missile available to the F/A-26B and T-55.


The AIM-120C features a single setting within the EQUIP menu.

  • MADDOG: Allows you to fire the AIM-120C without a radar lock by holding down the trigger for 3 seconds.
    • ON/OFF

Its potential range and speed in the air make it an excellent weapon for deployment against distant enemy aircraft. When fired, it relies on the firing aircraft's built-in radar to calculate a lead-pursuit course to its target, allowing it to account for even extremely fast-moving aircraft and adapt more easily to flight maneuvers. Once it gets close enough to its target, approx. 10 seconds before impact, the missile switches to a built-in radar projector to home in on its target ("goes Pitbull") and functions independently of the deploying aircraft's own sensors; this allows it to break off and make evasive maneuvers or even duck into cover to disengage if needed.

Pilots also have the option of enabling MADDOG firing for the AIM-120 in the EQUIP menu and activate it by holding the trigger for a few seconds. This allows the missile to be launched without the deploying aircraft locking the target - or even activating its radar at all. After launch, the missile will immediately begin searching for targets using the built-in radar projector. Because RWR cues are minimal when the missile is fired this way, it can be a great way to surprise unaware enemies at range. Firing AIM-120s in MADDOG mode is also a powerful weapon for flushing out enemies hiding behind terrain, as the missile can be launched over the terrain without exposing the deploying aircraft to possible counterattack. The built-in radar projector will maintain lock on the first aircraft it finds. This aircraft may not be the intended target, particularly when launch aircraft tracking is lost prematurely or many aircraft are in close proximity. Additionally, the built-in radar projectors will not distinguish between friend or foe - firing at enemies that have friendly aircraft in close proximity runs the risk of the missile locking onto a friendly aircraft, causing the missile to seek the friendly aircraft out instead.


  1. Enable the Master Arm switch.
  2. Open the RADAR page on an MFD screen and set it to SOI.
  3. Turn on the aircraft's radar.
  4. Select the AIM-120C as your current weapon.
  5. While holding the flight stick, use the thumb stick to slew the TAC over an air target. Click-in the thumb stick once for TWS on the target. Click it again to switch to STT.
    • Note: The AIM-120C can be fired using either tracking mode.
  6. Once in range, the Range Launch Authorization Lights will come on and the aircraft's Voice Warning System will announce: "Shoot!" Pull the trigger to fire the missile.
    • When launched, the missile will display a Time-to-Impact indicator on the HUD, displaying the letter T next to the estimated time.
  7. The launching aircraft must maintain a radar lock on the target until the missile's own radar can achieve a lock. The Voice Warning System will announce: "Pitbull!" and the Time-to-Impact on the HUD will display the letter M instead. The missile will now guide itself and no further action from the launching aircraft is required.


  • 1x AIM-120C: Available to both aircraft.
    • Cost: $1500
    • Weight: 187 kg
  • 2x AIM-120C: Available to both aircraft.
    • Cost: $3700
    • Weight: 479 kg


The F-45A and EF-24G use a slightly more advanced variant of the AIM-120C, known as the AIM-120D, which features slightly increased engine burn time and better maneuverability.

Additionally, the AIM-120D can be guided to targets based solely on positional data from a TSD alone, allowing it to navigate towards a target without a direct radar lock from the deploying aircraft.




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