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"A medium range optically guided "fire-and-forget" anti-tank missile."
― Weapon Description

The AGM-65 Maverick is a tactical Air-to-Ground Missile available to the AV-42C, F/A-26B and T-55.

It is an optically-guided, fire-and-forget missile which, unlike the laser-guided AGM-114, is not required to have a constant TGP lock on a target to track it. After firing, the missile will guide itself to the target, meaning the attacking aircraft is capable of firing multiple missiles at different targets in quick succession and can then immediately head for cover to avoid hostile air defenses.


The AGM-65 has a number of deployment options that affect the behavior of the targeting reticle, listed below:

  • Uncage mode:
    • Auto - Locks onto the TGP reticle once the AGM-65 reticle is in proximity of it.
    • Manual - Requires holding down the trigger for the AGM-65 reticle to lock on.

The built-in optical-tracking guidance system makes it possible for the AGM-65 to actively track moving targets and make automatic flight corrections, based on the target's position. In comparison, the laser guided AGM-114, whilst also being capable of tracking a moving target, is limited by what the TGP can see. If the target has moved behind terrain or the guiding aircraft has lost line of sight, the missile will follow the last known position of the TGP.

Thanks to the AGM-65's Fire-and-Forget capability, it is also a useful tool in SEAD tactics and naval combat; its range and optical-tracking capabilities make it a great asset for things like destroying ship radars from afar and hitting them up close with simpler weapons like GBU-12s afterwards to sink them. Be wary of any CIWS turrets near your target, though, as the missile is still vulnerable to being shot down.

Due to the large size of the AGM-65's warhead, it is also capable of destroying bunkers.


  1. Enable the Master Arm switch.
  2. Turn on the TGP and set it to SOI.
  3. Select the AGM-65 as your current weapon.
  4. While holding the flight stick, use the thumb stick to slew the TGP reticle over the desired target. The reticle will snap to a unit and lock onto it.
    • Trigger Uncage Mode (Manual): Hold down the trigger with the aircraft pointed towards the target to uncage the sensor. The weapon circle in the HUD will slew onto the target. If you are within range, the Range Launch Authorization Lights will come on and the aircraft's Voice Warning System will announce: "Shoot!" While continuing to pull the trigger, press the change weapon button to launch the missile.
    • Trigger Uncage Mode (Auto): If the target is in front of you and in range, the target reticle will automatically slew onto the target. The trigger is now used to fire the weapon.
  5. After launch, you are free to break away if needed or fire on other targets.


The AGM-65 is available in two variants. A 1x and 3x version; the latter only being available on a select few weapon pylons.

  • 1x AGM-65: The most commonly carried amount of AGM-65s. Equippable on almost every pylon capable of holding it.
    • Cost: $1550
    • Weight: 325 kg
  • 3x AGM-65: Three AGM-65s attached to a single weapon pylon. These can only be equipped on a select few pylons, but are available to all three compatible aircraft.
    • Cost: $4750
    • Weight: 1010 kg






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