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Various fuel burn rates can be seen graphed here. The drastic increase in fuel burn rate when afterburner is enabled is apparent.

Fuel is used to power player-controlled aircraft in VTOL VR.

Weight and Cost

Fuel weight: 0.84kg/L (same as JP-8 in real life).
Fuel cost: $1.50/L.

Fuel Burn Rate

The rate at which fuel is burned is measured in Liters per Minute (L/min). It is dependent only on the position of the throttle lever for fixed-wing aircraft like the AV-42C, F-45A, F/A-26B, and T-55. Other factors, such as altitude or airspeed, are not considered. For rotary-wing aircraft like the AH-94, fuel burn rate is dependent on torque.

All fixed wing aircraft experience a very significant increase in fuel burn rate when the afterburner is enabled.

Tactics and Strategy

The quantity of fuel is selected before flights in the multiplayer or singleplayer lobby. Players also have the option of attaching spare External Fuel Tanks or Conformal Fuel Tanks to increase the fuel capacity of the aircraft. Because of the additional weight of spare tanks, many players choose to select external fuel tanks and then jettison them before/during combat to preserve maneuverability.

Players are able to refuel on the ground from Rearm/Refuel Points but can also perform Aerial Refueling with the help of the KC-49 Tanker or the MQ-31 refueling drone.

Because fuel expenditure increases drastically with the use of afterburner, using afterburner is not recommended in situations where its use is not truly necessary.