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This document goes over the main ethics and policies for writers and editors on the VTOL VR Wiki. Edits in violation of one or more of these policies will be altered or reverted without notice to ensure quality of Wiki writing. Please read through the guidelines here before contributing to the Wiki.

Preamble: VTOL VR Wiki Purpose And Philosophy

The VTOL VR Wiki is primarily intended to serve as a reference resource for the game VTOL VR. The VTOL VR Wiki is a semi-exhaustive resource for research into every facet of VTOL VR's gameplay, from basic unit behaviors to simulated aerodynamics. The information provided on this Wiki should be true, impartial, and uninfluenced by personal bias or other extraneous factors. Though the VTOL VR Wiki is a community-run resource, our subsequent prerogative is to respect the boundaries of VTOL VR's creator, BahamutoD (a.k.a. Paolo Encarnación, Boundless Dynamics), by avoiding violations of VTOL VR's End User License Agreement and obliging his orders if he is to demand the alteration or removal of information from the Wiki.

The paragraph above is intended to serve as the baseline manifesto for the Wiki, and should be referred to in cases of extreme administrative conflict.

Section A: General Editor's Conduct

Rule A1: Do not spam or otherwise make malicious edits around the Wiki.

A contribution is said to be irrelevant or unhelpful if it does not make any meaningful contributions to the article's topic. This can manifest in many forms, but the most common ones include...

  • inserting gibberish or other nonsensical content into articles
  • advertisement of unrelated external services

Rule A2: Avoid making off-topic contributions whenever possible.

Off-topic contributions are contributions to the Wiki that do not directly relate to the content in VTOL VR. For example, mentions of real-world aircraft or other military technologies are considered off-topic, as they do not directly relate to VTOL VR's canon. Of course, there are many parallels to real-life technologies in VTOL VR--such as radar and weapon parodies--which may be discussed in detail, but if you find yourself trying to say "Unlike its real-world counterpart, the...", then you need to take a few steps back. VTOL VR is not designed as a parody of the real world--only a rough congruency.

Rule A3: Keep your writing neutral and do not focus on subjective information.

The VTOL VR Wiki is for sharing facts, not debating opinions. Don't go pulling game facts out of thin air and citing them as reality; not being able to tell the difference between subjective and objective information doesn't help anyone. There are better outlets online for expressing your distaste of a certain weapon or complaining about VTOL VR's lack of HOTAS support. Once again, the Wiki deals with hard facts, not opinions. There are a few small exceptions to this rule in certain parts of the Wiki, though.

Rule A4: Only post proven/confirmed game information on the Wiki.

Any contributions that are purely speculative or opinionated (such as "the aim 9 sucks and u shouldnt use it") are not allowed on the Wiki. If you are not certain whether a specific mechanic exists in VTOL VR or not, then don't post it until you know for certain whether or not it does. Otherwise, hop into one of the virtual aircraft in VTOL VR and start experimenting!

Rule A5: Avoid excessive humor in your writing.

Your writing should come off as clean and professional to be featured on the Wiki. Making a clever joke or anecdote every other sentence distracts from the information being given and sticks out in the article like a tumor. A touch of light humor every once in a while can occasionally brighten up your writing but it easily becomes distracting when used in excess.

Rule A6: Keep your terminology in-line with the game's standards.

For example, if you are going to mention the F/A-26B, you should never refer to it as the F-26, fa26b, FA-26, Tomcat, et cetera. You must type it out as F/A-26B, verbatim. Just go ahead and copy & paste it directly from another article if you need to. Conversely, you should never refer to the AIM-9 Sidewinder* as an "aim 9"; the ASF-58 as the "asf 58"; the Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)* as the "rwr", et cetera ad nauseam.

*Articles like these will often have acceptable shorthand designations, which will be defined within the related article itself and can be used in place of the official names.

Section B: Other Wiki Policies

Rule B1: Understand and comply with wiki.gg's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines at all times.

In general, don't use the Wiki for any illegal activities and don't be mean to or petty with your fellow contributors for any reason. wiki.gg's sitewide rules take full precedence over the rules of the VTOL VR Wiki in case of conflict.

Rule B2: Do not upload unnecessary images or other media to the Wiki.

This tends to clog up the Wiki and make it harder for editors to get the media they need to support their writing or demonstrate the topic at hand. This also means that users are forbidden from directly uploading images to the Wiki to decorate their profiles with.