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This article goes over the Settings area, accessible through the main menu of VTOL VR. It contains configuration options only available outside of flight. These do not duplicate the options found in the MFCD's Settings pages.


Game Tab

  • Interactable Tooltips: "Show names of interactable objects when hovering over them." Displays a Tooltip over the player's hand when hovering over an interactive control in their cockpit. On/Off.
  • Unit Icons: "Show team-colored icons on units." Provides a passive HUD overlay, highlighting nearby allied Units with blue markers and enemies with orange ones. On/Off.
  • Body Physics: "Pilot body is affected by g-forces. Nausea risk." On/Off.
  • Tree Collisions: "Player vehicle can collide with trees." On/Off.
  • Tailhook Physics: "Arrestor hook will collide with [the] surface, bouncing and skipping slightly. Increased difficulty." On/Off.
  • Persistent S-Cam: "Start each mission with the spectator camera enabled, if it was enabled on the previous flight." On/Off.
  • Bobblehead: "Shows the BD bobblehead in the cockpit." On/Off.

Controls Tab

  • Thumb Control Rudder: "Use throttle thumb control for rudder instead of joystick-twist." This setting is recommended for Oculus and WMR controllers. On/Off.
  • Hardware Control Rudder: "Use hardware (rudder pedals) for rudder. Overrides other settings." Hardware rudders can be configured in the Bindings tab, located next to the Okay button. On/Off.
  • Toggle Grip: "Allow toggling throttle/joystick grip by tapping grip button. Holding grip still allows releasing after letting go." On/Off.
  • Flight Control Haptics: "Set the intensity of joystick/throttle haptic feedback." Slider: 0-100, tenth decimal place precision.
  • Skeleton Fingers: "Animate hand poses using SteamVR's skeleton pose feature. Recommended for Index [Knuckle] controllers only." On/Off.

Audio Settings

  • BGM Volume: "The volume of background music in menus and missions." Controls the volume of mission-specific background music (triggered through cues in the Mission Editor); player-controlled MP3 music volume is controlled separately. Slider: 0-100, tenth decimal value precision.
  • Voice Volume: "The volume of incoming unfiltered voice chat." Controls the volume of voice chat in Multiplayer. Slider: 0-100, tenth decimal value precision.

Video Settings

  • Hide FPV Helmet: "Don't show the pilot helmet from first person view." Makes the player's pilot mask invisible in first-person view so that it doesn't obstruct their view. On/Off.
  • Fullscreen NVG: "Apply NVG effect to full field of view." Toggles the use of an alternative NVG effect, covering the player's entire field of view. On/Off.
  • Multi-Display Mode: "Display spectator camera on the second display." On/Off.

Miscellaneous Settings

  • Test Quicksave: "Opt-in to test the quicksave/load feature. Please report issues to developer." On/Off.
  • Cloud Diagnostics: "Opt-in to allow anonymous error reports to be automatically sent to the developer." On/Off.
  • Persistent Seat Position: "Attempting to recall the seated position when starting the game." On/Off.


  • Revert: Reverts all settings to their default values.
  • Okay: Applies settings and exits to the main menu.
  • Bindings: Opens the display for checking and setting up hardware rudder pedals.
  • Wingman Voices: Allows the different Wingmen voices in the game to be enabled or disabled.